Skrillex Inspired Sample Pack


What is VOLCANO?

The VOLCANO sample pack takes its inspiration from Skrillex's unique and ever-growing style of music, and is designed to give you all the necessary tools to dive into this exciting genre yourself.

We love Skrillex's latest two albums and heavily inspired, we couldn't resist exploring this style further and creating a sample pack that would allow you to do the same!

If you're intrigued by this new genre and want to start producing music like the legendary Skrillex, this pack is the perfect place to start!

To give you an idea of the pack's capabilities, we've created some songs using only the sounds from VOLCANO: 

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Hear the power of VOLCANO:


When it comes to producing powerful and dynamic tracks, having the right drum sounds is crucial. That's why we've put a great deal of attention into crafting the drums in VOLCANO. From the punchy and hard-hitting kicks to the snappy snares and crisp hi-hats, we've included a wide range of drum sounds that are sure to make your tracks stand out. We've even included pre-made build-up drums to help you create instant hype and tension, as well as top loops that make crafting drum patterns a breeze. Whether you're looking to create flowing drum patterns or add impactful drum fills, VOLCANO has everything you need to take your drum work to the next level.

Melodic content

One of the key elements that make this genre stand out is its specific style of sound design. That's why we've included a wide variety of melodic content, including huge basses with rumbling lows, spacious melody loops, impactful stabs, well known yoinks, beefy 808s and more! These elements will help you create a powerful and unique sound with ease. Additionally, there are plenty of one-shots that allow for easy drag-and-drop customization, allowing you to add personality and impact to your tracks as well as playable instruments that you can simply open in a sampler and play.

Sound Effects

To add excitement, depth and cohesion to your music, using sound effects is a must. Our VOLCANO sample pack includes a range of essential sound effect categories, including atmospheres for creating immersive environments, fallers for adding tension and suspense, gun shots and dynamic impacts for emphasizing key moments in your track, risers for building anticipation, sweeps for adding movement and flow, transitions for creating smooth section changes, and FX shots for adding interesting details and textures to your music. With these powerful sound effects at your fingertips, your music will have the extra polish and professional touch that sets it apart from the rest.

Make it RUMBLE!

Our team of expert sound designers has carefully crafted each element in this collection to ensure that it delivers a sonic impact that is both dramatic and unforgettable. From thunderous drums and rumbling basslines to intense synth hits and explosive FX, these sounds are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Earthbending quality

Our team of sound designers have been professionally trained to analyse genres & generate sounds of the super high accuracy. This pack will not only make you fit into the genre, but will also make you stand out, because of the crisp, detailed & improved form of the sound. 


Join the Skrillex-inspired music revolution and start creating your own explosive tracks today with the VOLCANO sample pack!



492 Sounds



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All Oversampled sounds are under a Royalty Free license.

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