Organic, Dreamy Nostalgic Sample Pack


What is Melancholia?

Melancholia is a collection of sounds to put you & your listeners in a completely different world. Sounds have a dreamy & nostalgic feel, they are warm & organic with a grainy, lo-fi texture.

Those are the songs we made using only this pack:

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Melodic content

Sound Effects

Detailed sound

We've used the highest quality listening gear to be able to hear the sound in as detailed form as possible. This allowed us to have the ability to tweak the tiniest characteristics of the sound. All individual harmonic frequencies have been placed intentionally giving you rich & crisp sounds. While sound designing we've used the analog gear, since it is one of the cleanest sources of the audio signal, combined with the digital processing it gave us the sounds of the top industry quality.


Our team of sound designers have been professionally trained to analyse genres & generate sounds of the super high accuracy. This pack will not only make you fit into the genre, but will also make you stand out, because of the crisp, detailed & improved form of the sound. 

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If you've ever wanted to make this type of music this pack will get you covered!



352 Sounds



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All Oversampled sounds are under a Royalty Free license.

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