POWER UP - Production & Game Design - Oversampled
POWER UP - Production & Game Design - Oversampled

POWER UP - Production & Game Design


About the pack:

What makes pixel-art games very special is their sound design. Movement, melee attacks, spells, speach, environment interaction, UI, music and so on... that makes a virtual world and it's characters come to life.

We've prepared the ultimate solution for every independent game devs struggle. In this pack you'll find all you'll ever need to fully sound design your next pixel-art game.

This will speed up your creation process. You won't need to endlessly search for that perfect sound for your game, because we already did that for you. We've created all sounds from scratch using analog and digital gear, putting emphasis on the quality and usefulness.

Pack is divided into folders making it easy to locate the sound you need at the moment. You won't need to tweak volumes or put any equalizers on the sounds. Everything has been processed and is ready to go, no tweaking needed. We focus on convinience, so no wasting time!

If you are a music producer these sounds will also be useful. Either to create 8-bit songs or as effects, fills and layers. Some sounds can be used inside the sampler to play melodies. Other ones work great as hihats or transient enhancers.

We've included some soundtracks and melody loops too, so you can base your song on them or flip them into something fresh. If you are a game dev you can just drag and drop them as a game's soundtrack!


What's included:

10 8Bit Drum Loops
15 8Bit Hats
10 8Bit Kicks
10 8Bit Snares
10 8Bit Toms
10 8Bit Top Loops

22 Beep&Bleeps
10 Bonus Discovery Sounds
6 Chest Opening
10 Clicks
10 Coin Pick-Ups
12 Consumption
24 Door
15 Interfaces
10 Item Switches
24 Item Upgrading
20 Power Ups

5 Main Themes (Soundtracks)
20 Melody Loops
20 Synths

10 Jumping
4 Walking

20 Environments
20 Respawns
20 Scary Sound Effects
30 Sci-Fi Effects
10 Victories

10 8-bit Mumbling
10 Death
34 Enemies
13 Grunts

5 Bows
12 Chopping
20 Explosions
10 Fireballs
10 Glass Breaks
10 Gun Shots
10 Hitting & Getting Hit
10 Laser Shots
20 Punches
20 Spell Casts
10 Swooshes
10 Swords


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