Ultimate Slap House 2022

Samples, Presets & Acapellas

Join the army of slap house producers who hit music charts in every country with The USH Pack Collection. Slap House genre is now one of the most popular ones and not participating is just a missed opportunity. These packs includes all the necessary elements most popular slap house tracks are built on.

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Sample Pack


While designing, we've been paying a special attention to the "SLAPP" factor of each sample. We've crafted each sound focusing on how much "SLAPP" it gives. Special transients, tone manipulation, sound shaping, volume control, movement creation - all these elements, and more, are hugely important for creating a proper slap house bounce.

Speaking of... Bounce is what we were also looking for. We've analyzed what factors contribute to people bouncing with their whole body up and down. We took a look at human nature, at how frequencies and rhythm affect peoples body movement and we've applied that to loops in this pack.







Preset Pack

While designing presets for this pack we payed special attention to tiny details of each sound. To create perfect Slap House feel we had to design transients from scratch, shape each part of the sound with high precision, carefully choose wavetables, effects and assign perfect amounts of automations. All this done only in Serum!

Each preset is equipped with 4 macro knobs & a description with tips on how to use them best. Preset pack will allow you to customize your sounds to your needs and to have a clean sound at all times without losing quality like you would normally do when transposing a sample in a sampler.

Vocal Pack

Professional acapellas are a leading element in most of the Slap House tracks. We've collaborated with top artist to bring you a radio ready vocals for your tracks.

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715 Sounds


55 Presets


43 Vocals

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All Oversampled sounds are under a Royalty Free license.

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Presets made on Serum version: 1.346

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