HI THIS IS DRUMKIT - Flume Type Drum Sample Pack

HI THIS IS DRUMKIT - Flume Type Drum Sample Pack

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Latest Flume's album just blows minds. Highly inspired by the new sound of him we decided to create a "Hi This Is Flume"-inspired drumkit.

To achieve that perfect, polished sound we've been recording, layering, synthesizing, and heavily processing lots of different sounds to get as close to 'Flume' feel as possible, at the same time giving you heavy hitting drums.

We all know that good sample selection allows you to create better sounding, cleaner music. And when it comes to EDM drums are one of the most important elements to make the crowd move.


46 Heavy Hitting Kicks

60 Loud Transient Snares

27 Interesting Claps

50 Not Average Hi-Hats

51 Awesome Sounding Percussion Sounds

13 Unusual Fills

26 Breathtaking Drum Loops

Format: WAV

License: Royalty Free