Advanced Song Finishing Spreadsheet

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What is Advanced Song Finishing Spreadsheet?

This is an Advanced Song Finishing Spreadsheet. It's been designed to make your project tracking & completion easier. It will help you track your projects, particularly how complete the sections are, it will make sure you're adding all necessary elements to your songs and not missing any (this helps to get the things that most professional songs have right), it will help with tracking the stage at which the whole project sits, it will store data about your song or an EP or album, and the most recent addition "The Elements of a Professional Song" will make sure your songs have all the elements that make up professional songs, so that you too make pro songs yourself.


Section Finisher

This module will help you track & complete sections in your song making sure you add all the elements necessary to produce a rich, professional piece of music. You can track an existing project of yours or you can create an arrangement beforehand.


Info Tracker

This module will help you track all the info about your song along with its status, backup state, car test, artwork completion and other. This tool can be helpful in gaining more clarity about your song.

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Elements of a Professional Song

This newest addition will help you make sure that your song includes all the elements necessary for making a professional song. A lot of great tracks is great, because they incorporate certain elements, these are these elements! The more you tick off of this checklist the more professional your song will get and that means it will be more pleasurable to listen to, and will gain chances of becoming a hit.

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