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Sound Enhancers

A revolutionary toolkit with sounds you'll use in every track


What are Sound Enhancers?

Sound Enhancers is a collection of sounds that will help you make your songs richer, fuller & more interesting. They will enhance your existing sounds in a track making them & the whole sections more alive. We have divided this pack into multiple setups in which it would be useful: enhancing drum sections, enhancing melodic sections, enhancing movement, transitions, backgrouns, adding tiny details that make a big difference and we have also included unique one-shots & signature sounds that can be your own!

When you're working on a section or on a particular sound simply drag&drop a particular sound enhancer to make the thing you're working on - better! It really is that simple! This pack is going to be your toolkit that you will keep at your fingertips while working on a track. When needing to improve a certain sound or a part of your song - simply access a relevant category and pull out a sound enhancer to enrichen that part!

This pack is also very versatile, so you can use it for so many different occassions - it just enhances your sounds!

Inside Sound Enhancers:

  • Melodic Enhancers - for making your melodic sections better
  • Detail Enhancers - for adding ear candies to your tracks
  • Sound Enhancers - enhancers that improve your individual sounds
  • Background Enhancers - adding flavor to the backgrounds of your tracks
  • Transition Enhancers - enhancing your song's transitions making them super smooth
  • Movement Enhancers - adding movement to your songs making them come to life
  • Style Enhancers - sounds that enhance your individual style

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Preview the power of "Sound Enhancers"

Each main category is divided into subcategories giving your a huge variety of different sounds.

Sound Enhancers

Sound enhancers will enhance your sounds adding punch, richness, width, tonality, impact, texture & more. These are the sounds that can be layered on top of your sounds - improving them.


Detail Enhancers

Detail enhancers add details to your songs filling empty gaps, emphasizing elements, improving transitions to the elements, adding tension, & more. Their unique feel and wide variety will help you add that interesting vibe to your songs.

Melodic Enhancers

These are the sounds that you drag & drop into your track, tune if necessary and they add a ton of vibe instantly. They can be used as individual sounds or as layers to enhance melodic sections. You can layer a bunch of those at once and use them in different spots too.

Background Enhancers

Thses enhancers fill out the backgrounds in your songs making them sound fuller. They are important, because having empty backgrounds can be very audible and your tracks can sound too empty. Even though these are not the main elements they make a big difference in a perception of the song.


Transition enhancers aim to make moving from one section to another - smooth, connected & flowing. Transitions are a crucial part in making your songs properly rise & fall in tension, they connect parts together making the listening experience have a smooth, constant flow with no gaps in energy.


Rhythmic sounds that add & enhance the rhythm in your songs. This enhancement creates movement that makes your head bounce to the beat. These also add groove to your songs & flow, which is achieved through the usage of constantly & smoothly flowing forwards sounds.

Style Enhancers

These sounds enhance your own personal style. They can be used over and over again in your songs as your signature sound. This category includes lots of unique one-shots as well as interesting signature sounds that can be your own!



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