1000 Drums HyperPack

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Nothing else gives the track strength, punch & epicness like Super Heavy™ drums.

That's why we've invested months into crafting & polishing super heavy drum sounds.

We've processed every single drum sound individually for extra punch, transients and heaviness.

We've used transient shapers, limiters and advanced multiband distortion plugins to make sure every sound is as heavy and as full as possible.

ALTHOUGH! Sounds are diverse meaning you will find super heavy drums as well as more soft ones - for different parts of the song.

We want this pack to be the go-to, ultimate drum library for you, so we've made sure that if you end up using it - it will be all you will ever need.

Because of it's diversity this sample pack is great for future bass, trap, hybrid trap, house, EDM in general and many many other genres.

Premium Collection of 1,000 
Drum One Shots, Loops & More! 

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Loops help you quickly add elements to your song without spending too much time crafting them. Super heavy drum loops will work best in drops, intense build-up drums will add a ton of tension before the drop and drum fills will make your song transition better and the drop hit even harder. Cymbal & perc loops will be the easiest way to add variation to your drum loops & make them much fuller.

100 Super Heavy & Bouncy Drum Loops:

100 Intense Build-Ups:

100 Cymbal & Perc Loops:

100 Tension Building Drum Fills:


That's the necessity if you want to create your own drum loops. Super heavy one-shots will help you add a ton of punch to the crucial parts of the song. More soft ones will help you decrease the tension. Semi-heavy drums will work best in verses or other medium intense parts.

100 Kicks:

100 Snares:

100 Claps:

100 Hihats:

100 Percs:

50 Snaps:

50 Foleys:


Drums for different parts of the song:

Super heavy

For super heavy drops

Medium heavy/soft

For not too heavy & not too chill moments


For more chill part

Great for all EDM sub-genres & more!

Variety of tempos: from 110 up to 180 BPM

License: Royalty Free

Works with any DAW!

What's inside


Kicks (super heavy, trappy, soft)100.WAV
Snares (epic, heavy, trappy, soft)100.WAV
100 Claps (tonal, classic, layered)
Hats (open, closed, trappy)100.WAV
Crispy Perc Sounds100.WAV
Super Heavy & Bouncy Drum Loops 
Intense Build-Up Drums
Tension Building Drum Fills100.WAV
Cymbal & Perc Loops (hat loops, perc loops, super vibey)100.WAV
Organic Foleys50.WAV