FREE Gamechanging Ableton Effect Rack


THE ONE is the Ableton Live effect rack that has been designed to make your sounds super powerful. It makes them hit hard, makes them rich, sugary and turns them into a professional, polished sound. The intent was to give your sounds a HUGE increase in power and to turn boring ones into world class bangers! This rack is great for EDM, but check it out on other sounds too - it's free!

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Sound examples:



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Versions of the rack inside:

  • Standard 8-parameter rack (with 3rd party plug-ins)
  • Standard 8-parameter rack (only stock effects, without 3rd party plug-ins)
  • Full 16-parameter expanded rack (with 3rd party plug-ins)
  • Full 16-parameter expanded rack (only stock effects, without 3rd party plug-ins)

Parameters explained:

  • Low Cut Before - cuts the low-end before the processing has begun in case there are sub frequencies in the initial sound that will interfere with the rest of the sound and create a overly distorted tone (use only when needed, lots of sounds benefit from distorting low-end with the rest of the frequencies), using this knob will clean up your sound, but may reduce it's power.
  • TS Sustain - a sustain of the transient shaper. Lower values - more percussive sound, higher - more squashed sound.
  • Noise On/Off - turns on or off the noise that's being placed on high frequencies for that nice crunch (if layered with sub frequencies) and for top-end fullness.
  • Thermal - dry/wet knob of the Thermal distortion plug-in.
  • Vocoder Gate - increasing it will create a snappy & bubbly sound.
  • Gain - in case your sounds get too loud, you can dial back the volume simply by using this knob.
  • Low Cut After - distortion creates low-end even if your initial sound had none, so you can easily cut it with this knob after the processing has been completed (use only if you don't need low frequencies in your sound).
  • Reverb - adds a bit of reverb, for a nice space.
  • Dynamics - controls the OTT's value "time" responsible for the dynamics of the sound. Bigger value - more dynamic sound, smaller - more squashed sound.
  • VocoDepth - a depth of a vocoder effect. Used to add punch, put sounds underwater or to smooth them out.
  • Soothe Amount - amount of smoothing using Soothe2.
  • WOW - automate for a "wow" vocaly filter effect.
  • Erosion - adds a sine on top of your sounds that makes it sound like an egg.
  • Feedback - makes your sounds wider using a tonal delay.
  • Tone Dist - tonal distortion targeting frequencies around 300Hz.
  • Limit/Soft Clip - switches between a limiter & a soft clipper. It depends on the sound which one you will want to use. Limiter is clean while soft clipper introduces some warm distortion. These effects lay at the end of the processing chain limiting any peaks that go above 0dB. You can completely turn them off for a potential increase in power, but keep in mind it will be less controled.

Used 3rd party plug-ins (with links):

- Soothe2
- Transient Master
- Thermal
- ValhallaRoom


Ableton Live 11 Suite

THE ONE has been created on Ableton Live 11 Suite 11.1.6. (feel free to check it on a Standard version, it may work, but it's not guaranteed).