Super Heavy 2

The Ultimate EDM Drum Toolkit


What is SUPER HEAVY 2: The Ultimate EDM Drum Toolkit?

After our first successful Super Heavy edition, we decided to make a second one. Fresh drums is what drives the track forward giving it force and power. Proper drums are a key factor to make the listener engaged and excited.

Super Heavy isn't just about heavy-hitting drums. It's about being useful in 100%. We want you to make full use of this pack, that's why we made drums for every occasion. You'll find trap, dubstep, drum&bass, riddim, house and even cyberpunk or breakbeat drums, ranging from soft to super heavy. This pack will provide all you need to make full professional drum sections.

Each drum sound has been carefully designed, focusing on clarity and a professional feel.

Every single sound has gone through advanced post-processing, transient designing, dynamic control, tone shaping, layering, saturating and more. We've been working on this pack for an extra-long time, as it's kind of like our baby.

We've been polishing sounds, making sure they match and even surpass the quality of current sounds in modern music. We want these sounds to enable you to introduce that professional feel into your songs and to allow you to climb and stand out among others in the music scene.

These drums are ready to go. There's no need for extra tweaking, we've already done all the work for you. Just drag and drop them and produce the hit you've always wanted to make!

(this pack works great for EDM genres, but not only!)

Preview the power of SUPER HEAVY 2:

SUPER HEAVY 2 - Drum Loops

Using loops can help you quickly add elements to your song without spending too much time crafting them. The Super Heavy 2 drum loops are perfect for drops, top loops will help you create drum sections without much effort with your own kick and snare positioning, while the intense build-up drums will create tension before the drop to make it hit in a SUPER HEAVY manner - HARD.

Super Heavy Loops

Super Heavy Top Loops

Super Heavy BuildUps

SUPER HEAVY 2 - One-Shots

Our Super Heavy 2 pack provides a variety of meticulously crafted and processed drum one-shots, which include kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats and many more. With these individual drum one-shots, you have the freedom to craft your own distinct sound and add diversity to your drum patterns. You can select particular sounds that match your vision and employ them to produce a polished track that distinguishes itself from others.








Rides & Crashes



SUPER HEAVY 2 - Sound Effects

Our Super Heavy 2 pack contains not only drum sounds, but also carefully crafted sound effects that can enhance your tracks and create a more immersive listening experience. These sound effects are designed to complement the drum sounds and add an extra layer of excitement to your tracks. You can use them to create smooth transitions or add variation and interest throughout your song.






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Inside the Drum Fill Creator's Kit:

  • Claps (22 sounds)
  • Flams (7 sounds)
  • HiHats (29 sounds)
  • Kicks (18 sounds)
  • Percs (125 sounds)
  • Snares (177 sounds)
  • Sticks (5 sounds)
  • Tambourines (7 sounds)
  • Toms (150 sounds)
  • Stomps & Impacts (35 sounds)

Main advantages

This pack will help you add variety to your songs by offering a wide range of sounds from different categories, perfect for different moments in your songs. You'll find trap, dubstep, drum&bass, riddim, house and even cyberpunk or breakbeat drums, ranging from soft to super heavy. With this selection of sounds, you'll be able to conquer any section of your song pushing it forward instead of getting stuck.

Bundle up and pay less!

Purchase the entire collection of Super Heavy drums and pay 20% less. With this collection of 4 packs you will have over 2800 drum sounds for every occassion. With this collection, you won't need any additional drums for a long time.


First Super Heavy edition with 1000 drum sounds perfect for each occasion.


Next level drum sounds with a modern touch.

SUPER HEAVY - Cinematic Edition

Perfect for your cinematic sections.

SUPER HEAVY - Power Drum Fills

Perfect for smooth transitions.



547 Sounds



Additional info


All Oversampled sounds are under a Royalty Free license.

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